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Press Releases

Discounts - 2016

(Prague, April 21, 2017) Purchase of goods for reduced prices needn’t always be favourable. In 2016, consumers experienced in the Czech retail network that the declared discounts of goods significantly differed from the real prices billed at the cash desk. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 5,355 inspections focused on compliance of offer and sale of goods within special offers and seasonal clearance sales. In 2016, violations of generally binding legal regulations were discovered in 2,290 cases which was 42.8%. The situation didn’t improve since 2015 when breaches were discovered in 43% of cases. Inspectors still saw vendors failing to inform consumers about prices of offered products or provided services in compliance with the pricing regulations. They mostly didn’t indicate the final price, meaning the price after discount. In 2016, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority lawfully imposed 1,801 fines amounting to almost CZK 16.5 million which was less by 392 fines and more by CZK 3.2 million than in 2015. “Purchases of goods after price reduction is still very attractive for Czech consumers. However, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority recommends all customers of chain stores – where all-year-long seasonal clearance sales are provided – to carefully check if the declared price in a leaflet or shelf corresponds with the billed price,” said the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Mojmír Bezecný.

Easter - closed

(Prague, April 18, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 279 inspections aimed at compliance with the Act No. 223/2016 Coll. on retail and wholesale opening hours, on Monday April 17, 2017. Three vendors violated this law, having sold goods on their premises that should have been closed on the public holiday according to the law. All three inspections were based on suggestions from consumers. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority will launch administrative proceedings concerning fines amount that can reach up to CZK 1,000,000 and up to CZK 5,000,000 in case of repeated breaches.

Incorrect amount of drinks at winter balls

(Liberec, April 13, 2017) Afternoon teas and evening balls belong to the highlights of the winter entertainment within the society and by now they have come to an end. Visitors of these events usually wear nice suits and dresses, but can be surprised by differences between the declared and eventually offered amount and weight of drinks and meals that should also be billed correctly by the seller. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Ústecký and Liberecký Regions carried out inspections focused on such events in February and March. 13 of 17 inspections were with findings that resulted in fines amounting to CZK 23,000.

E-commerce - 2016

(Prague, April 7, 2017) Online shopping became a natural part of consumer behaviour in the Czech market. Popularity of online purchases is increasing and lately increasingly more people have shopped on social networks, auction websites and foreign portals. In 2016, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 1,197 inspections and detected violations of laws in 90% of cases which was approximately by 5% more than in 2015. In 2016, online sellers most frequently used unfair commercial practices, didn’t inform about ways to make claims and didn’t provide information required from February 2016 on out-of-court resolution schemes. „The high ratio of detected flaws stems especially from the fact that the attention of the CTIA inspectors was focused on problematic e-shops on whose practices consumers often pointed at when turning to the CTIA. It can, hence, be supposed that this is not the overall condition of the electronic trade in the Czech Republic,” said the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

Counterfeits - 2016

(Prague, April 5, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority saw a 5% annual increase concerning findings in the area of offer and sale of counterfeits in 2016. There were 24.8% inspection findings in 2016, while it was 19.6% in 2015. Inspectors also collected by 11,000 pieces more than in the previous year. The total value of the collected products as calculated in the prices of originals was by about 106 million higher than in 2015. Mainly copies of textile products as well as audio and video carriers were detected last year. The brands were mainly Minions and Michal Kors. „Despite the CTIA carries out intensive inspections aimed at offer, sale and storage of products and provision of services infringing certain intellectual property rights, 5% increase in findings was detected. The market with fake products most probably still has its customers who are willing to buy these goods,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

Discrimination 2016

(Praha, March 24, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority regularly inspects whether vendors discriminate consumers in any manner. In 2016, it carried out 1,412 inspections, including 19 cases in which discriminative conduct was detected. It was the same number as in 2015. “CTIA inspections most frequently saw nationality based discrimination when for example English speaking customers were billed higher prices than Czech consumers in restaurants. Inspection results indicate that discriminative conducts didn’t decrease last year. This is why the CTIA has scheduled discrimination focused inspections for this year as well,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.