2012: Many dangerous toys

(Final report of 2012)

(Prague, January 17, 2013) The offer of toys in the Czech market is monitored and continuously controlled by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority throughout the year. The inspections of 2012 were especially focused on risky groups of products, e.g. toys put into operation by mouth, various pushbikes, water toys, shooting toys and furry toys. The products intended for the most endangered group of the smallest users were especially the target of these controls and assessments of safety. During the past year, totally 1,213 sellers, importers or manufacturers of such toys were checked and in almost half of the checked subjects, breaches of the legally stipulated obligations were found. Fines amounting to 1.95 million CZK were imposed by the CTIA in 457 cases and the CTIA inspectors banned the sale of 4,573 toys in the total price of 300,000 CZK. Eighteen of the thirty types of products taken failed the safety criteria and the CTIA subsequently ordered their withdrawal from the market. Eleven of these risky toys were filed in the international alert system of dangerous products RAPEX.

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