Warning against a risky product: Children’s bike Bug

(Prague, August 1, 2012) When monitoring safety of toys, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority found that in the market an anonymous product is sold – children’s bike Bug which poses a risk of injury to its users. They could pinch their fingers or injure other parts of their bodies. Several parts of the bike are dangerous so we advise consumers to check whether this product is used by their children or to step back from considering a potential purchase of this product.

Pelican wind-up toy is dangerous

(Prague, August 3, 2012) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority warns against another dangerous toy which was found by the CTIA inspectors in Western Bohemia. The pelican wind-up toy is attractive for children due to its colours and movable parts, but it is not suitable for playing as it is dangerous for small children. The toy can be very easily disassembled into small parts that may potentially injure the baby or cause suffocation – e.g. the sharp metal turning pivot decorated with a flower or tiny balls placed in the beak. The CTIA banned sell...

Procurement of secondary raw materials is still problematic (partial report from the first quarter of 2012)

(Prague, August 2, 2012) Procurement of secondary raw materials is not only where metal waste is concentrated for further elaboration. As the controls carried out either by the CTIA alone or in cooperation with the Czech Environmental Inspectorate have proven, some operators of the procurement centres also buy various objects whose procurement is forbidden due to the suspicion that they were stolen (manhole covers, metal parts of street lighting, traffic signs, safety cables and so forth). In the range of their competencies, the inspectors of t...
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