Fuels – August 2016

(Prague, September 27, 2016) Regular monitoring of fuel quality at filling stations in the Czech Republic was almost without defects. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority collected 230 samples, including 1 diesel fuel sample that failed the quality requirements. The complete press release is available in the attachment.

Alcohol – 2Q of 2016

(Prague, September 26, 2016) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority didn’t find any violation of legal regulations relating to alcohol, namely the law on mandatory labelling of spirits and the Act on Excise Duties. However, other serious defects were discovered which mostly related to the Act on Consumer Protection. In the evaluated period, 560 fines amounting to almost CZK 3,200,000 were lawfully imposed. “The results of continuous inspections show that the Act on Consumer Protection is still breached, namely within every second inspection. CTIA...

NATO Days – results of CTIA inspections

(Ostrava, September 22, 2016) NATO Days in Ostrava are a traditional parade of army machinery with international significance. As in the last year, inspections of the appropriate CTIA inspectorate were carried out not only because a record number of visitors was expected, but also various stands were prepared to meet the needs of visitors concerning refreshment as well as purchase of various products. “Results of the inspection action were very positive. Flaws, detected only in cases of two of ten inspected vendors, prove that monitoring of suc...

Claims of glasses and consumer protection

(Ústí nad Labem, September 19, 2016) Dioptric glasses are a necessity to almost a half of the Czech population, but only if they are manufactured well, are functional and with no defects. Multifocal glasses bring comfort because it is not necessary to change glasses for near and far. Based on a complaint from a consumer, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Ústí Region carried out an inspection of a seller and a manufacturer of such type of glasses. The complete press release is available in the attachment.

Bazaars – 2Q of 2016

(Continuous report of 2nd quarter of 2016) (Prague, September 14, 2016) Bazaars and pawnshops are frequently visited by consumers who want to buy or sell used goods. In most cases, consumers don’t assumed that such goods from a bazaar is under claims code. The period for exercising the right from defective performance is the same as in the case of new goods unless the parties agree upon reduction of the claims period up to its half. In the second quarter of 2016, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out inspections of 193 sellers and di...

Intellectual property rights breached at stands

(Hradec Králové, September 13, 2016) On Saturday September 3, 2016, the traditional celebration festival Slavnosti Královny Elišky were held Hradec Králové. The event is one of the largest and most prestigious event of its kind in Bohemia annually visited by tens of thousands of people who are offered a number of stands with various products and services. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority based in the Hradec Králové Region focused on inspecting stands with products and refreshments and discovered violations of legal regulations at all workpl...

Inspection of garden shops in Northern Bohemia

(Ústí nad Labem, September 12, 2016) Czechs love gardening. This is also why both ordinary shops and e-shops belong among the most favourite ones. And the Czech Trade Inspection Authority regularly inspects compliance with consumer rights also in this area. The complete press release is available in the attachment.

Consumer credit – 2Q 2016

(Continuous report of 2nd quarter of 2016)(Prague, September 9, 2016) Consumer credits are provided to clients as a solution for unexpected financial problems. CTIA regularly focuses on compliance with laws within the area of financial services and possible unfair practices that could damage consumers’ interests. In 2nd quarter of 2016, in total 43 inspections were carried out, including 21 cases in which violations of generally binding legal regulations were discovered (almost 49%). Breaches of the Act No. 145/2010 Coll. on Consumer Credit wer...

Consumer protection in border regions

(Ústí nad Labem, September 8, 2016) Within inspections in villages of border regions of the northern Bohemia, the CTIA detected flaws relating to the obligation to properly inform the consumer about a particular product, including information about the safe use of certain products. The complete press release is available in the attachment.

Sales – 2Q of 2016

(Prague, September 2, 2016) Purchases in the period of seasonal clearance sales and special offers belong among favourite activities of the Czech nation. In case of discounted goods, consumers don’t foresee that traders could use any unfair commercial practice or would mean to harm them. In the second quarter of 2016, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 1,271 inspections aimed at consumer protection and detected violations of legal regulations in 605 cases. CTIA imposed 520 fines amounting to CZK 4,759,000. “The inspection action r...
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