CTIA assessed inspections of pyrotechnics of 2017

Last year, CTIA imposed 24 fines amounting to the total of almost CZK 100,000 for breaches of legislation in the field of pyrotechnic articles. The inspections aimed at the compliance with legal regulations within the offer, sale and storage of pyrotechnic products. Sale of pyrotechnical items for personal use is a very sensitive field because if traders don’t comply with the requirements, consumers’ health can be at risk. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority saw also very dangerous cases of traders offering pyrotechnical products that can be u...

In 2017 CTIA detected counterfeits in value of 84 million

(Prague, March 27, 2018) In 2017, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out inspections focused on offer, sale and storage of products that infringe certain intellectual property rights. Counterfeits were detected in almost 30% of cases. Inspectors took in total 38,385 items of counterfeits in the value of originals amounting to almost 84 million Czech crowns. The following trademarks were among the most frequent counterfeited brands: Chanel, Adidas, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Minecraft, Pokémon-Wizards, Nike, and Minions. „Counterfeited goo...

CTIA inspected remote mountain restaurant

(Ústí nad Labem, March 26, 2018) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority regularly carries out inspections at touristic locations. This time, officers of the Ústecký and Liberecký CTIA Inspectorate took skis and selected workplaces to be inspected in the area of Rokytnice nad Jizerou. They saw breaches of law in 6 of 7 inspections at chalets and buffets.

Number of risky e-shops rapidly grows

(Prague, March 20, 2018) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 1,085 inspections of e-shops in 2017. It detected breaches of legal regulations in 952 cases, which represented approx. 90 % of all inspections. CTIA lawfully imposed 973 fines amounting to CZK 5,609,500 in total.

Record of consumer contacts in 2017

(Prague, March 15, 2018) A record number of consumers turned to the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic. We speak about 1,633 contacts last year, which represented an increase by 46% when compared with 2016. They sought assistance for their claims against traders from other EU countries and information about their rights in the internal market. The success rate within the out-of-court resolution was almost 45% last year. The centre announced it on the World Consumer Day, March 15.

You’d better refuse „free“ bulbs

(Prague, March 13, 2018) During past weeks, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority has seen a significant increase regarding consumers’ requests for out-of-court resolution of disputes against a company that originally offered change of energy supplier under “more favourable” conditions, giving also saving bulbs as a present to consumers. It is possible to withdraw from the contract during 14 days after it is concluded and terminate the contract during 15 days after services start being provided. However, companies “use” the original “free presen...

Fines concerning discounts high again

(Praha, March 9, 2018) Special offers and seasonal clearance sales are there for consumers in the Czech market all through the year. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority focuses on inspections of offer and sale of goods for reduced prices and within seasonal clearance sales. In 2017, it carried out in total 5,468 inspections and detected breaches of law in more than 40% of cases. “The Czech Trade Inspection Authority monitors the offer and sale of goods displayed as discounted by traders. Vendors usually don’t inform consumers truly about price...
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