Inspection revealed flaws in most types of hobs

(Prague, February 18, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected the built-in gas hobs. In Czech households, where they are often used, the relevant legislation must be complied with when these products are offered and sold, including their installation. CTIA carried out 25 inspections last year and inspected 19 types of these products. Deficiencies were detected in 16 types. Most of them were found in the area of mandatory product marking and labelling.

Fireworks are sold mostly at marketplaces

(Prague, February 25, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority evaluated inspections aimed at the offer, sale and storage of pyrotechnics. At the end of last year, it carried out 174 inspections and in 38 cases found violations of Act No. 206/2015 Coll. on Pyrotechnic Articles. Based on the deficiencies identified, it banned the sale of 937 items of fireworks in the value of almost CZK 180,000. "The results of the 2019 inspection confirmed that the situation has not changed much compared to 2018. The sale of pyrotechnic articles to persons un...

Energy auctions still problematic

(Prague, February 21, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority evaluated inspections from the area of energy supply contracts from 2019 and confirmed alarming results. It carried out 52 inspections and found infringements in almost 95% of cases. "The results of the 2019 inspections are alarming. They confirmed that the offer and provision of services related to the conclusion of energy supply contracts are among those forms of trading in which consumer law violations are largely detected. Due to the continuous developments in the offer and pr...

One in ten inspected charging stations fully complied

(Prague, February 19, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out a national inspection project focused on electric vehicle charging stations. The audited entities were distributors, importers and manufacturers of these products as well as authorised representatives. CTIA inspected 32 product types during 2019 and found deficiencies in 29 types.
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