Personal protective equipment and their placing on the market in times of emergency (COVID -19)

(Prague, March 20, 2020) Personal protective equipment (PPE) are harmonised products regulated when placed on the market by the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council on personal protective equipment. These products must normally go through the whole conformity assessment process (with the participation of the so-called notified body – the particular test laboratory), the CE marking must be affixed on these products and Declaration of Conformity must be issued.

Wording „stored at supplier“ is no guarantee of timely delivery

(Prague, March 20, 2020) Very often, in recent days, consumers have contacted te Czech Trade Inspection Authority, with the fact that they paid online for medical masks or respirators that have not been delivered. "We strongly urge consumers to consider making online purchases from unknown retailers who cannot arrange the delivery of your goods, or who even make excuses for the fact that the goods are only at the supplier, which may be in China, for example. They don’t have the goods, but the money they are already demanding today," says Mojmír...

Consumer rights in times of emergency

(Prague, 18 March 2020) We urge consumers to consider their health and to consider issues relating to goods or complaints that are not strictly necessary in times of the current emergency. 'When exercising rights in times of emergency, the parties to the contractual relationship should treat each other with consideration, with patience and taking into account the emergency situation in which the other party may be present, e.g. in the case of the other party, in connection with the forced closure of the operation, the lack of staff who have to ...

Beware of fake e-shops misusing people’s fear of coronavirus

(Prague, March 13, 2020) First fake e-shops abusing the fear of coronavirus have appeared on the Internet. These are not e-shops in the true sense of the word. "These are anonymous operators who are just collecting personal data, which can subsequently be used for phone marketing, but in the future they might want money from consumers for products that would not even be sent, as it happens in cases of many other fraudulent anonymous websites," says the Director of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Mojmír Bezecný.

Consumer rights in the consequence of the spread of coronavirus

(Prague, March 10, 2020) In connection with the COVID-19 disease before travelling abroad, we recommend to follow the current recommendations on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the competent embassies of the Czech Republic in the country where you are about to travel. We also recommend that you keep track of the latest information on the website of the Ministry of Health and the State Institute of Health. "The coronavirus has already reached all EU countries, such as Italy, France, Austria, Spain and Germany. Given the growin...
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