Ban on retail sales doesn’t apply in May

(Prague, April 29, 2020) large food stores can remain open for consumers on both state holidays in May. Prolonging of the state of emergency enables traders to sell in spaces larger than 200 m2 also on May 8. This wasn’t possible in previous years.

Consumer FAQ relating to coronavirus crisis

This information material for consumers was prepared by the Department of Advisory and Information Services of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) and the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic (MMR). The recommendations contained in this material express the legal opinion of the CTIA and the MMR, but are not legally binding. Download the full text in the attached Word (.docx) and PDF formats.

CTIA didn’t prohibit donating face masks to seniors and patients by company from Jičín region

(Prague, April 2, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority rejects the accusations that it would issue a ban on the supply of face masks to seniors or patients by a company from the Jičín region. No such ban has been issued. The company, regarding which a question from journalists was addressed to the CTIA and which is allegedly to be affected with the ban on providing face masks to seniors and patients, didn‘t ask the Czech Trade inspection Authority about any delivery of face masks to seniors or patients, and at the same time the Czech Trad...
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