Inspections of e-shops during first wave of pandemics

(Prague, September 18, 2020) During the pandemic period, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority responded to some of the restrictions adopted in connection with the occurrence of the coronavirus, when the marketplaces and ordinary shops were closed for most of the second quarter of 2020. This resulted in a change of purchasing habits of Czech consumers and thus an increase in the volume of online trading. During this period, CTIA carried out 15 percent more e-commerce inspections than in the 1st quarter of 2020. In total, it carried out 193 inspe...

A petrol sample failed in July

(Prague, September 1, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority continued to inspect the fuels quality in July. 1 of 284 taken samples did not comply with the quality requirements. It was an automotive petrol sample.
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