More than 70% of inspected e-shops breached law in 2020

(Prague, 26 February 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority evaluated inspections aimed at the compliance with legal regulations on the supply and sale of goods over the Internet in 2020. In total, it carried out 1,144 inspections and detected violations in 809 cases, or 70.7%. "The results of the 2020 inspections reaffirmed that the area of internet sales is one of those forms of trading in which consumer legislation is largely violated. Traders often use unfair and deceptive commercial practices and do not inform consumers about the condi...

Eight inspected fuel samples failed in January

(Prague, 23 February 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority kept inspecting the quality of fuels in 2021. In January, it took 230 samples and 8 samples did not meet the quality requirements. Violations of the applicable legislation resulted in a ban on sale of 16,400.75 litres of fuel in the value of CZK 372,051.23

In 2020, CTIA took counterfeits for almost CZK 32.5 million

(Prague, 22 February, 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority regularly monitors whether counterfeit goods are offered and sold on the domestic market. Last year, it carried out 811 inspections in this area, 213 of which were with violations of the ban on offering, selling and storing products infringing certain intellectual property rights. In total, it secured 18,845 items of counterfeits in the prices of originals amounting to CZK 32,492,870.80. In terms of assortment, textile products and toys were most often counterfeited. Pokémon, Appl...

Inspection results – pyrotechnic articles in 2020

(Prague, 15 February 2021) In 2020, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority0 offered, sold and stored pyrotechnic articles. Act No. 206/2015 Coll., on pyrotechnic articles and their handling, imposes on traders the safe handling of fireworks, which could seriously endanger the health of the consumer in some cases. The CTIA carried out 140 inspections last year and found violations of this law in 23 cases. "During the inspections, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority was also sales to minors who, according to this Act, do not have the possibility t...

2020: Historically best results of inspected fuels

(Prague, 8 February 2021) From the second half of 2001, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority has monitored the quality of collected fuel samples. Every year, it evaluates them and performs year-on-year comparisons. In 2020, only 0.5% of non-compliant fuel samples were detected, which is an all-time record.

Results of fuel inspections in 2020

(Prague, February 5, 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority evaluated the inspections of fuel samples taken in 2020. In total, it inspected 2,251 fuel samples, including 12 samples that did not meet the quality requirements. During 2020, the CTIA issued a ban on sales of 30,116.65 liters of fuel amounting to CZK 926,962.73.
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