CTIA inspected toys for dangerous nitrosamines

(Prague, 18 May 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) took part in an international inspection action focused on nitrosamines in toys and childcare products. It inspected a total of 20 models of toys in the Czech market and 3 models failed due to excessive levels of N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosatable substances.

CTIA inspected household internet devices

(Prague, 13 May 2021) Internet-controlled home appliances are increasingly popular and used. Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on inspecting "IoT (Internet of Things) devices" that are installed in these household appliances. The CTIA inspected 22 products from 21 operators in their capacity as distributors and found deficiencies in 2 products.

Dangerous baby chair “4 BABY” banned from the market

(Prague, 10 May 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority detected a product in the domestic market that poses a serious risk to the youngest consumers. It is a high chair for children labelled "4 BABY". The product does not reach the required parameters in the stability assessment. The child is at risk of falling from the stool. The CTIA ordered the product to be withdrawn from the market.

CTIA inspected ski goggles for downhill skiing

(Prague, 3 May 2021) Downhill skiing is an extended and popular winter sport. For users, this means, among other things, the necessity to have reliable equipment, including safe downhill goggles. Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on distributors, importers and producers who place these products on the EU market. It carried out 40 inspections in the domestic market. It detected infringements within 20 inspections.
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