Advice: Avoid Presentation Events!

Partial report of the third quarter of 2012

(Prague, December 4, 2012) The number of consumers’ complaints about presentation events grows as well as deceitful and aggressive commercial practices of representatives of some companies at these events and as well as the related debts of seniors being the target group of these “entrepreneurs”. Nothing can discourage regular visitors from participation in such events: alerting cases of indebted, humiliated and cheated seniors and frequent advices. They want to keep participating in these tours and the Czech Trade Inspection Authority shall ensure that these consumers are not bothered by the presentation of products. However, the authority does not have the competence to do so – it can repeatedly check and impose sanctions for the detected breaches and on the grounds of repeated breaches of law it can suggest the appropriate trade licensing office to remove the respective trade licences. Therefore the only effective advice is: Avoid the presentation events!

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