Alcohol – 2014

(Final report of 2014)

(Prague, May 4, 2015
) Inspections of marking, offering and selling of alcoholic beverages continued in 2014. CTIA inspectors actively participated in inspections that were carried out in cooperation with other surveillance bodies with the aim to eliminate potential risk of consumer purchases of alcohol that fails requirements for being placed on the market. Violations of legal regulations within the inspection scope of the CTIA were detected in 1,174 of 3,211 inspections, i.e. 36.6%. Inspectors discovered breaches of regulations concerning marketing of spirit drinks only in two cases. “With the exception of two violations, labelling of alcoholic beverages was in compliance which can be considered a good result. However, a bad news is that there has been high ratio of other shortcomings that inspectors detected within inspections of sale of alcoholic beverages, especially in restaurants. The most significant flaws concern breaches of fairness of sale and failures to inform consumer about prices applicable at the moment of the offer. More than 1,100 fines amounting to almost 7 million crowns prove that this is a serious and frequent problem,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the CTIA.

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