Alcohol in 2016

(Final report of 2016)

(Prague, April 18, 2017) In 2016, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out in total 4,955 inspections focused on sale of alcohol in the retail network. During the inspection, CTIA officers inspected compliance with generally binding legal regulations and discovered no breach of the acts on excise duties and obligatory labelling of spirits. However, other findings were detected because vendors didn’t comply with provisions of other acts in 2,202 cases, which represented almost 45% of cases. “Although the CTIA didn’t detect any violations of acts relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages, vendors still breach the Act on Consumer Protection, so the CTIA plans to carry out proper inspections in the upcoming period as well,” said the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Mojmír Bezecný.

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