Alcohol without defects. Its sale still with flaws

(Final report n results of inspection action of 2015)

(Prague, May 20, 2016) Preventive inspections carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority aiming at sellers of alcohol didn’t prove offer, sale or storage of alcoholic beverages that would fail the requirements of the Act on Excise Duties and the Act on Obligatory Labelling of Spirits. During 4,641 inspections, the CTIA officers detected violations of other legal regulations and damaging consumer rights by vendors in more than 40% of inspected workplaces. More than 1,700 fines exceeding CZK 5 million were lawfully imposed for the detected flaws. “Good news for consumers of alcohol is that inspectors didn’t detect any sale of unlabelled alcoholic beverages within almost 5,000 inspections. On the other hand, the high rate of other defects isn’t good especially for the Czech hospitality. Inspectors most frequently discovered that consumers didn’t get proper information about prices of the offered assortment, were cheated concerning amount of drinks and vendors incorrectly billed purchases or consumptions. Therefore we included about the same number of inspections of sale of alcoholic beverages in the plan of activities for 2016,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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