Cheating consumers – most frequent finding within summer season

(Interim report of second quarter of 2013)

(Prague, August 15, 2013) The same as in the previous years, CTIA inspectors monitor touristic areas and supervise whether especially occasional (seasonal) sellers and services providers harm interests of consumers and breach laws. “Unfortunately, we find the same ills and the situation has not improved during the summer,” the Director General of the CTIA Vladimír Velčovský said. “Every third inspected subject breached law – most frequently by incorrect billing and failures to respect other principles of fairness of sale. Therefore I recommend consumers not to tolerate wrong amounts of drinks or incorrect billing and require remedy right on the spot.” So far, 50 on-the-spot fines were imposed and other sanctions will be applied within administrative proceedings.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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