Cigarette sellers breach law by selling single cigarettes

Final report of 2012

(Prague, April 3, 2013) The inspections of offering, selling and stocking of tobacco products saw bad results for the inspected subjects. During 2012, the CTIA officers checked totally 2,671 spots of sale and found breaches of one or more obligations in 677 cases (25.4%). “640 fines amounting to more than 2 million CZK were imposed as a result of these breaches. The remaining administrative proceedings have not finished or the decisions on fines have not come into force, yet,” said the Director General of the CTIA Vladimír Velčovský and added: “According to our officers’ findings, besides the Act on Consumer Protection the Act on Excise Duties was breached most frequently as vendors sold single cigarettes from an open pack. With regard to the frequent breaches, the inspections have continued this year as well.”

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