Collection of wastes with shortcomings

(Final report of 2014)

(Prague, January 5, 2015) All inspectorates of the CTIA participated in inspections aimed at secondary raw material collection sites, in some cases in cooperation with trade licensing offices. They detected shortcomings in 60 inspected workplaces, i.e. almost in 40% of cases. 55 fines amounting to 566,000 CZK in total were lawfully imposed. Operators of collection sites most frequently violated principles of fair selling, e.g. when they incorrectly billed price of purchased secondary raw materials or used scales without valid certification. “Increase concerning the rate of violations within this commercial activity is unpleasant and witnesses failure to respect laws from the side of operators of secondary raw material collection sites. Therefore we will also focus on such inspections in 2015,” said the Director General of the Czech Trade inspection Authority Mojmír Bezecný.

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