Consumer credit rather without intermediaries

(Prague, November 4, 2015) Christmas are closing in and a number of consumers consider taking a consumer credit. Each of them should consider whether a credit is really necessary and carefully and responsibly select from who to borrow the money. As consumer submissions received by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in recent weeks show, it is risky to conclude consumer credit through an intermediary. These consumers paid remuneration for mediation of consumer credit in advance, but after having received the money, intermediaries stopped communicating and didn’t mediate any credit. Intermediary entities with who administrative proceedings were launched at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority don’t communicate with inspectors either or cannot be found at all. “I recommend consumers who consider a credit as the only solution of their financial problems to conclude a contract directly with a credit provider and not an intermediary. It is important not to pay any amount in advance for mediation of a credit. An intermediary has the right for remuneration only after he informs the consumer in writing about how many credit providers he contacted and what was the result,” said Jan Štěpánek, the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate based in Prague.

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