Counterfeits – 2014

(Infringements of certain intellectual property rights in 2014)

(Prague, March 5, 2015) 1,994 inspections were carried out within an annual project focused on monitoring of risky selling points and investigations of products that infringe certain intellectual property rights. Offering counterfeits was detected in 733 cases, i.e. 36.8%. Officers of the Czech Trade inspection Authority don’t focus only on marketplaces and stall sale in border regions, but also monitor other points of sale for example in cities’ centres as well as e-shops where consumers are increasingly deceived by sale of counterfeits. In 2014, in total 65,475 pieces of various products that infringe certain intellectual property rights were collected. If these products were sold, the damage to owners of these rights would amount to almost 129 million Czech crowns. “1,325 fines exceeding 12 million Czech crowns were lawfully imposed for the use of unfair commercial practices as well as other administrative delicts. Nevertheless, it would be naive to suppose that financial sanctions and confiscation of goods would stop sellers from offering counterfeits. If consumers are interested in fakes of branded products, their distributors will find ways to deliver them. Therefore it is necessary to search for ways to effectively prevent fakes from being placed on the market. This shall be done together with other surveillance authorities,” said the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Mojmír Bezecný.

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