Counterfeits – 2016

(Final report of 2016)

(Prague, April 5, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority saw a 5% annual increase concerning findings in the area of offer and sale of counterfeits in 2016. There were 24.8% inspection findings in 2016, while it was 19.6% in 2015. Inspectors also collected by 11,000 pieces more than in the previous year. The total value of the collected products as calculated in the prices of originals was by about 106 million higher than in 2015. Mainly copies of textile products as well as audio and video carriers were detected last year. The brands were mainly Minions and Michal Kors. „Despite the CTIA carries out intensive inspections aimed at offer, sale and storage of products and provision of services infringing certain intellectual property rights, 5% increase in findings was detected. The market with fake products most probably still has its customers who are willing to buy these goods,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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