Counterfeits in 2015

(Final report of 2015)

(Prague, March 31, 2016) During 2,414 inspections of offer, sale and storage of products or provision of services that infringe certain intellectual property rights the Czech Trade Inspection Authority discovered flaws in 1,643 cases, including 474 violations of certain intellectual property rights. Besides sanctions, 35,694 pieces of counterfeits were collected and stored out of reach of inspected persons because the damage to the owners of the intellectual property rights would amount to more than CZK 101 million. As regards the assortment of collected products, the highest number concerned textile products as well as audio and video carriers. Most frequent trademarks were Burberry and the new number one Virgina. “Besides thorough inspection and imposed measures, the market with counterfeits still has its customers and a large offer and, hence, certain attractiveness. An amendment of the Act on Consumer Protection should bring simplification of inspections in the area of offer, sale and storage of counterfeits in the upcoming period. There is a significant change consisting of separation of infringements of certain intellectual property rights from unfair commercial practices in the provisions of the law. The upcoming period will show in if these changes have the expected positive impact in the inspection practice,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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