CTIA: Amusement devices still pose risk

(Final report of the project of 2012)

(Prague, February 5, 2013) Controls of amusement devices are easy. In 2012, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused especially on ensuring security of users at various events and places where classic rides, tents or inflatable attractions (jumping surfaces) were operated. The CTIA inspectors didn’t influence or eliminate the operation of the devices when inspecting them. Totally 78 operators, 17 manufacturers, 2 importers and 9 distributors of various amusement devices were checked. In three cases, the CTIA inspection was carried out in cooperation with an authorized testing laboratory. The fact that the operators are aware of the risks and potential consequences of potential injuries was one of the positive findings. This was also why they promptly removed the detected defects. However, the inspectors found deficiencies in 125 of 246 inspected amusement devices and therefore the Inspections within this field will also continue in 2013.

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