CTIA collected fakes of toys at Matějská pouť

(Extraordinary inspection action)

(Prague, April 17, 2015)
Inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority confiscated 129 pieces of toys that infringe intellectual property rights at Matějská pouť fun fair on Thursday April 16. Inspections were carried out at 4 workplaces (2 stalls, 1 shooting gallery, 1 winning stall) and counterfeits of toys were collected whose price calculated in the prices of originals would amount to 103,600 CZK. The fakes included cuddly pendants, plastic and cuddly toys illegally marked with trademarks „Mašinka“ (Thomas & Friends), Furby, Burberry, SpongeBob. 8 officers of the Inspectorate for Central Bohemia Region and Prague carried out the inspections in cooperation with the Customs Administration.

Please find attached file with pictures of some of the counterfeited products.

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2015-04-17-counterfeits-at-matejska-pout.doc (, 164.00 KB)

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