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(Prague, May 14, 2014) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is pleased to announce that the initiative OpenData.cz that associates workers of Czech universities launched the website VysledkyKontrol.cz to make available all information from inspection activities of the CTIA in a clearer, more differentiated and user-friendly way than before. The information are regularly – once in three months – updated with new data filed into the same source files related to inspections that have been carried out since January 1, 2012. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority also offers its experience with the OpenData project to other inspection and surveillance authorities that search ways how to inform the public about its activities and to publish their results.

VysledkyKontrol.cz is an application designed for data that were first published by the CTIA on September 27, 2013, in the OpenData format, i.e. without any restrictions to further use. The application is a result of the initiative OpenData that associates workers of Czech universities (MFF UK, FIS VŠE, FIT ČVUT) and enables continuous and reverse search concerning inspected subjects and fines imposed by the CTIA from the start of 2012. Besides business registration number and name of the inspected subject, the application provided information about the date of start of the inspection, address of inspected workplace, detected violation of legal regulations and subsequently the amount of fine if the decision is lawful. If such information concerning fine is not displayed in relation with a respective inspection, it means that administrative proceedings have not ended, yet, and it has not been decided about the amount of fine or the fine has not come into force. However, the database offers only the possibility to search for inspections carried out at legal entities. Publication of inspections concerning physical persons/entrepreneurs is limited by the Act on Personal Data Protection.

By participation in the above mentioned project, CTIA follows its long-term goal to increase transparency of its inspection and surveillance activities. The Project OpenData is a welcome tool for reaching this goal, especially with regard to minimisation of related costs. This also fully applies to the application VysledkyKontrol.cz. The only CTIA’S input is just the time dedicated to filing new data into the system by employees of its IT department.

The idea of publishing information about inspection activities of the CTIA in the form of Open Data came in March 2013 and the preparation took almost half a year. Major part of the preparation period concerned resolution of what would be the extent of published data. With regard to the fact that published data bear almost no restrictions for use among subjects in the private, non-profit or academic sphere, it can be expected that other competing applications based on use of the data would appear in the future.

Plans of the CTIA don’t terminate with the launch of the application VýsledkyKontrol.cz. In May, a new data set containing lists of counterfeits collected within inspections will be published. Launch of a new data type of the model RDF is prepared – it will be another step towards publication of data in the form of LinkedData.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic initiate an amendment of the act on control that would among others enable all state surveillance authorities in the Czech Republic to also publish information about inspections of individual private entrepreneurs to the same extent as in case of legal entities.
At the same time, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority passes its experience with the OpenData project to its colleagues in the Slovak Trade Inspection and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic who are interested in practical use of such database. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority also offers its experience and assistance to other inspection and surveillance bodies that have searched for ways to ensure and increase their transparency and to introduce their activities to the public.  

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