CTIA inspections at Flora Olomouc in the spring of 2014

(Ostrava, April 30, 2014) Colourful flowers, stalls with decorative plants and crops, gardening items and nice weather attracted thousands of visitors to the gardening exhibition and fair Flora Olomouc in late April. There also were stalls with refreshments and various goods, so inspectors of the CTIA again inspected sellers at the traditional event. They checked the total of 41 sale points, including 11 concerning which they detected shortcomings.

In the period from April 24 to April 27, 2014, inspectors of the CTIA aimed at inspection of stalls with refreshments, food products, industrial and consumer goods, toys, and textile. Within 41 inspections at 11 sellers, i.e. in 26.8% of cases, they detected breaches of certain obligations stipulated in generally binding legal regulations.

Detected shortcomings
•    Failure to inform consumer about prices of offered products or services – 3 cases
•    Failure to meet information obligations – 2 cases
•    Failure to issue bill of purchase – 1 case
•    Use of measuring tool without valid certification – 5 cases

Taken action
•    In 9 cases sellers were imposed on-the-spot fines totalling to 10,500 CZK
•    Inspectors imposed ban on sale of 90 pieces of products amounting to the total of 6,775 CZK
•    Use of 6 pieces of uncertified measuring tools was imposed until remedy is made
•    Administrative proceedings were launched with 2 vendors based on detected shortcomings


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