CTIA inspections on All Souls’ Day

(Prague, November 6, 2014) All Soul’s Day is traditionally the time for devotion and thinking about life not being endless and for a silent memory of all nearest ones who passed away. We place candles and lay flowers at memorial places where also vendors offer various assortment such as wreaths and floral arrangements with candles, candles etc. CTIA inspectors focused on this assortment as well as on flower shops and other sale spots in relation to All Souls’ Day. Unfortunately, these inspections were with shortcomings and subsequent fines. Inspectors detected violations of obligations in 51 of 125 inspections. 32 fines amounting to 33,500 CZK were imposed for breaches of information obligations, failures to provide information about prices of offered products, shortcomings concerning issue of bill of purchase as well as other defects. Other breaches will be subject to administrative proceedings. Inspectors imposed prohibition of sale on about 800 pieces of products without proper marking amounting to 75,000 CZK.

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