CTIA investigated chain stores based on consumers’ complaints

(Report of the Středočeský and Prague Inspectorate)

(Prague, November 19, 2015) The CTIA Inspectorate based in Prague carried out twenty inspections of the chain stores Albert and Penny based on numerous consumers’ submissions. Inspectors managed to prove violations of obligations governed by the Act on Consumer Protection at three workplaces. Penny Market didn’t inform about current prices of products in two shops, including one in which discounted goods were billed in their original unreduced prices. In an Albert shop a consumer got back by 40 CZK less than counted by the cash desk machine at which he paid with a 500 CZK banknote. It will be decided about amounts of particular fines in administrative proceedings. “Consumers should speak up when facing similar conducts and ask for immediate remedy. Sellers are obliged to bill prices correctly as displayed or in compliance with declared prices within special offers,” said Jan Štěpánek, the Director of the Středočeský and Prague Inspectorate of the CTIA.

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