CTIA: Three diesel samples failed concerning flash point

(Monitoring of fuel quality in January 2015)

(Prague, February 19, 2015) From the start of January 2015, monitoring of fuel quality has continued at filling stations on the whole territory of the Czech Republic, including subsequent inspection sampling. Only three diesel fuel samples out of all 235 collected fuel samples failed, namely concerning flash point. This quality parameter was 10°C lower than stipulated in the applicable technical standard (which is 53°C). We speak about so called negligence deviation that suggests that fuel was contaminated by petrol. Lower flashpoint poses a risk of reduction of viscosity of diesel fuel and worsening its lubricity. Prohibition was imposed on sale of about 39.000 litres of poor quality diesel fuel in two cases and administrative proceedings will be launched with operators of filling stations where noncompliant fuel was detected.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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