CTIA warns against Český mincovní obchod

(Pilsen, November 16, 2018) During the past three years, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority received 83 submissions from consumers pointing at activities of a company acting in the Czech market as “Český mincovní obchod“ (“Czech Coin Shop”). So far, 10 inspections were finished after tens of inspection acts per inspection were carried out. 5 fines amounting to CZK 1,580,000 were lawfully imposed. “Other administrative proceedings are still in progress. In vast majority of investigated submission, inspectors proved that the so called Czech Coin Shop used aggressive commercial practice consisting of unsolicited shipment,” said Jan Řezáč, the Director of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Pilsen Region and Karlovy Vary Region. “The seller also provided untrue information that a stone embedded in a commemorative coin is the so called Czech garnet. The company used a deceptive commercial practice in this case.”

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