Cuddly toys with suction cups aren’t good for children

(Prague, October 2, 2015) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority repeatedly discovered products that pose risk for smallest users in the retail market with toys. We speak about softly stuffed toys with a suction cup which can be easily released and cause choking or suffocation due to its size. This risk of child’s health damage is posed by two cuddly cudtoys from an unknown manufacturer – a toucan and a dog. Not only dog’s suction cup, but also its eye that fitted into the test tube for small parts released within pull test and the sample also failed the seam strength test. In both cases, distribution of the toys was prohibited and inspected persons were ordered to withdraw them from distribution. Documentation concerning these risky products was transferred to the RAPEX database and published under the following notification numbers: INFO 157/15 a 175/15.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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