Dangerously loud children’s phone

(Prague, September 6, 2013) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority found out that in the Czech market a product – children’s phone Intercom Phone Set powered by batteries – which presents serious risk especially to children is offered in the internal market. “There is a danger of hearing damage to children because the emission level of acoustic pressure stipulated by the standard was exceeded by 15% as we detected. Acoustic pressure shall not exceed 90dB and the manufacturer didn’t comply with the requirement,” said Vladimír Velčovský, the Director General of the CTIA. Inspectors banned selling of the product which will be notified into the system RAPEX.

We speak about the following product:

•    Children’s phone „Intercom Phone Set“
•    No. 1010, 113549
•    EAN: 8590331135493
•    Manufacturer: YAM YIK TAT Trading Limited, HK – China
•    Supplier: Wiky, s. r. o., Kyjov


The appropriate technical standard stipulates that the level of acoustic pressure measured when a connective element is used shall not exceed 90dB. However 104.3 dB was measured.

When using the product in a usual and predictable way it is more than probable that a situation occurs when the user’s health, namely hearing, can be damaged.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority banned selling of the risky children’s product and subsequently its distributor took measures to withdraw the product from the market.

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