Defective outboard engines for recreational crafts

(Final report of the project – 2014)

(Prague, May 29, 2015) Within an inspection action of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority 18 types of outboard engines for recreational crafts were inspected at 4 importers and 8 distributors. The inspection action was aimed at labelling as well as information and data provided on engines’ labels and accompanying documentation, i.e. instructions for users of outboard engines. Defects were detected concerning 11 types of engines, i.e. more than a half of cases. In five cases inspected entities for example didn’t have any complete conformity assessment and technical documentation concerning noise emissions and exhaust gases as required from importers wasn’t available at the beginning of the inspection. Terminated prohibition of sale was imposed on 8 types of two-stroke engines concerning one importer and two fines will be imposed to two entities within administrative proceedings. Despite the inspected entities subsequently provided required documents and removed detected defects, situation in the market with outboard engines for recreational crafts cannot be considered satisfactory and thus the Czech Trade Inspection Authority will keep monitoring these products.

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