Defects mainly in LPG and diesel

(Monitoring of fuel quality in June 2014 and 1st half of 2014)

(Prague, June 17, 2014) 9 of 236 motor fuel samples collected at filling stations and inspected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in June failed the determined limits of applicable technical standards. Besides three diesel fuel samples and the same number of LPG samples, there was one sample of petrol, diesel fuel blend, and FAME that failed the quality criteria. During the first half of 2014, the total of 1,365 fuel samples were collected and noncompliant quality was detected in 51 samples (3.7%). The rate of noncompliant motor fuels increased when compared with the first half-year of 2013 which was especially influenced by poor quality samples of LPG containing excessive sulphur content. In 16 cases, inspectors imposed ban on sale of 82,546.8 litres of fuels amounting to the total of 2,520,254 CZK. During the first half-year of 2014, 29 fines amounting to the total of 6,331,000 CZK came into force (see respective decisions on

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