„Discounted“ luxury cheese was expensive!

(Ostrava, September 23, 2014) Not only lovers of cheese, but also inspectors of the CTIA didn’t miss offers of specialized shops and selling points in supermarkets concerning luxury cheeses. Some of these cheeses were sold within special offers. Inspectors were quite surprised when they detected shortcomings in 9 of 19 cases. One fourth of sellers failed the principles of fair selling and harmed consumers due to incorrect billing.  The most significant difference between the real and billed prices amounted to almost 300 CZK. “In this particular case, fine will be imposed to the vendor in administrative proceedings because he didn’t provide the declared discount,” explained Boris Stabryn, the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate based in Ostrava. “Consumer should check whether discounts are really offered and correctly billed.”

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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