Discounted purchases – one third of sellers breached law

(Final report of 2012)

(Prague, January 31, 2013) The time of winter sales has come and discounts provided on anything are simply everywhere. The inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority continuously monitor these vendors’ activities and in 2012 they checked totally 2,948 supermarkets and hypermarkets operated by chain stores, hobbymarkets,  both larger and smaller shops, boutiques, and other premises including e-shops offering sales or action discounts on goods. Last year, more than one third of the checked vendors (36.4%) breached the obligations as provided by the legal regulations and fines amounting to more than 5.5 million CZK were imposed. Most findings – more than double of the national average was detected in the South Bohemian Region (Jihočeský kraj) and the region of Vysočina. Vendors in Prague and Central Bohemia (Středočeský kraj) were significantly below the average.

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