Discrimination – 2014

(Final report of 2014)

(Prague, February 27, 2015) Officers of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority annually monitor all forms of possible discrimination of consumers within both sale of products as well as provision of services and cases of discrimination of persons with health handicap. The Act on Consumer Protection prohibits any manner of consumer discrimination. In 2014, 1,254 inspections were carried out within inspection action aimed at compliance with this provision. Inspectors skilled in languages as well as Gipsy inspectors were involved in monitoring and inspecting possible discrimination due to national, racial, and ethnic reasons. Discriminative conducts were proven in 44 cases and lawful fines amounting to more than 1 million CZK in total were imposed in 16 cases. “Despite the fact that the Czech Trade Inspection Authority pays permanent attention to the matter, the number of proven cases of consumer discrimination almost doubled when compared with the two previous years. Any discriminative conducts that damage consumers are considered unacceptable in any developed society and hence is our aim to impose sanctions for them and seek for solutions that would eliminate further cases of discrimination,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the CTIA.

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