Discrimination – first half of 2015

(Continuous report of 1st quarter of 2015)

(Prague, September 11, 2015) Results of inspections carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in the 1st half of 2015 showed that consumers are discriminated in the Czech market rather rarely. Consumer discrimination was monitored within almost a thousand inspections and only 8 cases of discrimination were proven. The following cases were considered discrimination on the ground of nationality: failure to provide alimentation services to restaurant guests of non-Asian origin, billing a service fee in a restaurant or billing higher prices of drinks and extra entrance fee to foreigners. Other proven cases of discrimination were refusal to rent a flat to a Gipsy consumer by a real-estate company, financial disadvantage detriment of fans of a foreign rival club, giving prizes to participants above 18 years of age at sales presentation events as well as refusal to serve to a particular guest in a motel. Other violations of obligations within sale of products and provision of services were detected in 40% of inspections. “Despite the character of individual findings it is necessary to pay permanent attention to all acts of consumer discrimination. I am convinced that it is possible to eliminate some providers’ unfavourable attitude towards foreigners as well as illegal conducts of real estate brokers towards members of the Gypsy ethnic group. We need a thorough surveillance and subsequent measures. Discrimination of any type discredits the whole society and evokes doubts about its maturity and culture,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

„Inspections focused on discrimination of consumers belong among the priority areas of inspection activities of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Results of the 1st half of 2015 showed that it is rather rare. There was a refusal to rent an apartment to a Gipsy or financial disadvantage to fans of a rival team during a sports event. Discrimination of minorities is a serious social problem which shall be strictly refused and punished. Despite inspectors saw only a few cases of discrimination, CTIA will still monitor such conduct,” said the Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek.

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