Don’t underestimate prevention!

(Prague, October 8, 2014) Stricter laws, frequent inspections and high fines imposed for violations of legal regulations are not the only means eliminating unfair commercial practices. Consumers should know their rights, how to use them and how to defend against illegal conducts of sellers. A series of information lectures and seminars organized by municipality offices not only for seniors shall contribute to such consumer literacy. Experienced officers of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority will share their knowledge from inspection activities and information about consumer rights at these lectures and they will also answer possible questions and advise how to defend against promises concerning virtual prizes, presents and other fictitious advantages offered by “traders with human trust”. First actions focused on prevention and raise of legal literacy of consumers were carried out late August and continued during September. Those who are willing to attend future lectures can ask at their municipality offices about the dates and venues where the events would be held.

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