Fakes at marketplaces are usually hidden away from the inspectors (Partial report from the three quarters of 2012)

(Prague, November 7, 2012) Offering, selling and stocking of fakes is one of the fields continuously inspected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. The inspections concern not only marketplaces but also various boutiques and shops in touristic areas and increasingly also e-shops whose unfair commercial practices consumers frequently complain about. Preparation of the inspections is more and more demanding and requires coordination with other state administrative authorities within the controls at marketplaces as the fakes are usually not displayed at the counters anymore and are “waiting for serious buyers” at the back of the stalls or in the cars owned by the sellers. Despite the various tricks, from January to September 2012 the CTIA inspectors detected fakes in one third of all the checked premises and found breaches of other obligations in 75% of the checked premises. Within the last two weekends, successful control actions were held at marketplaces in Prague, Western Bohemia and southern Moravia. Thousands of products illegally marked with various trademarks were taken. The prices of the original products would amount to millions of crowns. “The aim of the controls is to eliminate entrepreneurship of unfair sellers at marketplaces or wherever,” said Jan Štěpánek, the Director General of the CTIA.

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