Fakes of Pokémon are most frequent

(Final report of 2013)

(Prague, February 4, 2014) Breaches of intellectual property rights have been a long-term problem with which surveillance authorities of inner market of the Czech Republic dealt with in 2013 as well. With regard to the interest of especially foreign consumers in cheap counterfeits of branded products and copies of both audio and video carriers there are still many entrepreneurs trying to satisfy such demand. Nor frequent inspections or long-term monitoring of large marketplaces can stop them. The same applies to fines amounting to millions of CZK that surveillance authorities can impose for breaches of certain intellectual property rights, i.e. deceitful commercial practices. In 2013, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority detected use of deceitful commercial practices in almost one third of 1,946 inspected premises and imposed a total of 1,111 fines amounting to almost 10 million CZK. CTIA confiscated about 25 thousand pieces of fakes. Sale of such products would cause damages amounting to more than 44 million CZK to the owners of the rights.

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