February 2014: 8 defective fuels detected

(Monitoring of fuel quality in January 2014)

(Prague, March 20, 2014) Eight of 238 fuel samples collected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority at filling stations in February failed quality indicators of technical standards. Defects concerning quality were detected in 5 samples of diesel fuel, two LPG samples, and one sample of diesel fuel blend. Flash point was the most frequent defective indicator concerning diesel fuel – in one case flash point was lower by 22.5°C than stipulated in the appropriate standard. The two LPG samples contained excessive sulphur content. Content of fatty acid methyl ester was below the limit as stipulated in the technical standard in one sample of diesel fuel blend. Administrative proceedings will be held with all the inspected subjects and decisions on fines will be published on the CTIA’s website after decisions come into force.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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