Fines for sale of electrical appliances without marking

(Final report for 2013)

(Prague, January 22, 2013) Electrical appliances are specified products on which provisions of the Act on Technical Requirements for Products as well as a number of technical standards apply with regard to high rate of risk of injury by electric current or fire in case when safety standards are not complied with. Fulfilment of obligations by producers, importers, and distributors of electrical products is continuously enforced by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. In 2013, technical inspectors inspected a total of 1,104 various types of electrical appliances within 482 inspections. 171 products had shortcomings that mostly concerned accompanying documentation and obligatory marking of products. Prohibition of sale was imposed on 1,395 pieces of products amounting to a total of 223,183 CZK. CTIA has imposed 158 fines amounting to a total of 1.8 million CZK for breaches of obligations required by legal regulations.

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