Folding SCOOTER is dangerous to children

(Prague, January 28, 2016) Within monitoring of the market with toys CTIA inspectors spotted a folding scooter originating in China which poses a risk of injury to smallest users. This product has various colour variants with a rabbit on the footboard and on the tube. Injury hazard is posed during game and ride at several places: adjustable and folding handlebar don’t have the required diameter, covers are removable without the necessity to use any power and wholes are accessible, so fingers can be injured. Spaces between the wheels and the toy’s body are not wide enough to prevent finger clashes. The steering tube with handlebar collapsed within the laboratory strength test. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority immediately ordered withdrawal of the product from distribution and handed over the documentation to the system RAPEX. Information about this dangerous toy were published under the number A12/0028/16.

The complete press relase is available in the attachment.

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