Fuel Inspections on the Rise

(Prague, November 28, 2012) The number of fuel samples taken at filing stations on the whole territory of the Czech Republic is growing. During October, 396 samples of motor petrol, motor oil, mixed fuel, bio fuel, LPG, CNG and Ethanol E85 were laboratory tested. Totally 5 samples failed the requirements of the applicable standards. With regard to the interest of the public concerning the quality of this assortment, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority informs not only about the results of the controls, but in compliance with law it also publishes lawful decisions on the fines imposed to the distributors of fuels on its website www.coi.cz. “When we detect repeated breaches in the same commercial subjects we will not only impose fines in the amounts close to the upper limit as provided by law, but we also will require removal of their trading licenses. Such entrepreneurs shall not operate in the Czech market,” said Jan Štěpánek, the Director General of the CTIA.

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