Fuels quality in 2015

(Prague, February 12, 2016) During 2015, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected the quality of 2,723 fuel samples collected at filling stations, including only 32 samples that failed the quality requirements. When compared with the year 2014 during which 81 of 2,663 automotive fuel samples failed the quality requirements of the applicable technical standards, the ratio of poor quality samples decreased from 3% to 1.2%. This has been a significant improvement concerning quality. In 2015, in total 15 fines amounting to 2.1 million CZK were lawfully imposed; other administrative proceedings haven’t ended, yet. In 2015, in total 51 fines amounting to almost 10 million CZK became effective and mostly concerned results of inspections of 2014. During the year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority received 345 consumers’ submissions concerning possible sale of poor quality fuels. Subsequent inspection of collected samples proved violations of fuel quality in 9 cases. “I consider the results of fuels quality inspections a very positive signal towards motorists. The results prove that constant inspection, cooperation of administrative authorities and strict enforcement of legal obligations can lead to improvement of the situation in the market with such a sensitive commodity as the automotive fuels. Some unpopular measures are put in place, such as publishing of decisions concerning imposed fines and high amounts of fines,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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