Goods within special offers and seasonal clearance sales

(Continuous report of 2nd quarter of 2015)

(Prague, September 7, 2015)
There is no doubt that Czechs love discounts and vendors know how to use this fact as well as inattention of buyers at cash desks. Inspections by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority proved that vendors still violate generally binding legal regulations, especially at the beginning of special offers when inspectors most frequently detect incorrect billing or missing price tags. Flaws were detected in 493 of more than a hundred inspections, including repeated inspections and extraordinary inspection actions, of the 2nd quarter of 2015. Almost 400 fines amounting to 3 million CZK were lawfully imposed for proven violations of obligations in the evaluated period. Besides their own knowledge, inspectors used also submissions from consumers who increasingly more often react to misconducts of sellers who offer favourable purchases. “Special offers and seasonal discounts are so frequent that it is almost impossible to check all consumer’s submissions. We also have cases when consumers don’t read conditions of sales carefully, fail to meet conditions for getting a discount, but they file a suggestion to inspection because they didn’t get any discount. In these cases I recommend consumers to ask for explanation why a particular discount was not provided to them and to check correct billing of declared prices of discounted goods when paying at the cash desk,” advices Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the CTIA.

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