Half of checked toy sellers broke the law

(Partial report of first quarter of 2013)

(Prague, May 28, 2013) The Czech market with toys belongs among the fields annually monitored by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. The main reason for the continuous surveillance is the fact that children as the main users of toys are not able to protect themselves against risky products that fail various safety conditions. “There is no place for dangerous toys in the market,” the Director General of the CTIA Vladimír Velčovský said. “Children’s Injuries occurred within games with toys belong among the saddest, so we try to prevent them through our activities. The results of the first quarter of 2013 have proven that the consistent controls of the market with toys are worth: breaches of some of the obligations stipulated in the appropriate legal regulations were proven in half of the 308 executed controls.”

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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