Increased number of both controls and fines improved the care for fuel quality

(Annual report on controls of fuels in 2012)

(Prague, January 24, 2012) During 2012, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority took the highest number of fuel samples ever, namely 3,172 including 98 samples which failed the requirements of the appropriate standards. The rate of findings was lowest since the second half of 2001, namely 3.1%. The inspectorates of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority received suggestions to controls from 687 consumers who had suspicions that poor quality fuel was sold at particular filling stations. Subsequent samplings and analysis of fuels proved breaches of quality in 37 samples, i.e. ca. 5% of the consumers’ submissions. In 2012, 93 fines amounting to 23,264,000 CZK were lawfully imposed to the fuels distributors who operate filling stations.

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