Inspection of pyrotechnics

(Prague, January 20, 2016) During December 2016, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out a number of inspections focused on compliance with the Act on No. 206/2015 Coll. on Pyrotechnic Articles and the Handling, and the Act on Consumer Protection. CTIA carried out 234 inspections of the offer of pyrotechnic articles and detected flaws in one third of cases. “December inspections showed that every third seller failed legal regulations governing the offer, sale, storage and handling of pyrotechnic articles. Numerous violations of the Act on Consumer Protection also prevail. With regard to the fact that the issue directly influences the safety and health of consumers, CTIA will carry out focused inspections this year as well,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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